Nicky Welton

Professor in Statistical and Health Economic Modelling

University of Bristol

Nicky Welton is Professor of Statistical and Health Economic Modelling in the department of Population Health Sciences at the University of Bristol. Nicky leads the Multi-Parameter Evidence Synthesis research group, and is Director of the NICE Guidelines Technical Support Unit. Her research interests concern methodology for evidence synthesis, and use of evidence in decision modelling. This includes methods for synthesis of studies informing Markov models parameters, synthesis of evidence on components of complex interventions, bias adjustment in pairwise and network meta-analysis, allowing for uncertainty due to missing data, extrapolation of survival curves, and combining evidence with heterogeneously reported (but related) outcomes.

She has also worked on methods and applications of Value of Information calculations that can be used to prioritise and design new research by comparing the expected benefit in the reduction of uncertainty in the optimal policy decision with the cost of a proposed new study. Nicky is associate editor for the journal Medical Decision Making, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, and a member of the NICE Technology Appraisals Committee.