Dawn Lee

Associate Professor of Health Economics and Health Policy

PenTAG / Exeter University

Dawn is a passionate supporter of the move to more integrated statistical and health economic analyses and the use of appropriate software, such as R, to achieve this. She has experience in a number of disease areas and project types, and currently specializes in oncology modelling (in immuno-oncology in particular), early product assessment, health technology assessment (HTA) strategy, complex decision problems, models with complex statistical needs, end-to-end modelling solutions using R/R-Shiny and anything else “a bit weird and wonderful”. She is the originator of BresMed’s intRface™ a product created in R which integrates statistical analysis with a modeling framework to enable user- friendly, transparent and real-time investigation of alternative analyses.

Dawn joined PenTAG (NICE EAG) / Exeter University as Associate Professor of Health Economics and Health Policy in Sept 2022 following over 15 years in economic consultancy where she worked most recent as the Chief Scientific Officer for Lumanity; formerly BresMed.

Dawn holds an MMath degree from Bangor University as well as a MSc in health economics and decision modelling from ScHARR.